For any of you who need commercial snow removal services this coming winter (fast approaching!), I recommend Stone Wolf Gardens.

Sandy and her entire crew at Stone Wolf Gardens are dependable and professional – see info about pricing and contact info below.

They have been providing professional maintenance services for all the plant material along the street and just assumed maintenance responsibilities for entire irrigation system.

For businesses new to the street: this is a reminder that you are responsible for the timely removal of snow and accumulated ice on the sidewalks in front of and accessing your building/business.

The city will issue tickets for uncleared walks, and it is really helpful to all business owners along Tennyson Street and in the District when all the sidewalks along the street are clear and accessible.


Snow Season is Upon Us

As you may already know, Montana declared a Winter Storm Emergency this past weekend, and the Rocky Mountains got their first dustings, which means you should starting thinking about snow removal and winterization.


Why Should I Start Planning Already?

According to the 2019-2020 Farmer's Almanac, Denver is scheduled to get hit by A LOT of snow this season. We've included the dates below for easy reference:

  • October 16-19 (that's in just over 2 weeks!?)

  • November 1-3, 12-15, 16-19, and 28-30

  • December 8-11, 12-15, 20-23, and 28-31

  • January 4-7, and 20-23

  • February 4-7, 16-19, and 20-23

What Should I Do Now?

If you know you’ll be out of town any of the listed dates, line up snow removal folks now to shovel, shake heavy snow off precious tree branches and bushes, and lay down ice melt if needed (so your mail delivery person or pet sitter doesn’t slip and fall!). 

We highly recommend you make sure whomever you hire to remove snow:

  • Has skilled, efficient and insured crews

  • Arranges for your property to be cleared anytime there’s two inches or more 

  • Checks for ice and snow build-up on trees and bushes

  • Keeps snow treated with ice melt away from your plant material

  • Uses pet-friendly ice melt products

If you prefer, we’ll be glad to take care of your snow days while you’re gone – or during the full winter season. Our skilled, efficient and insured crews provide hand shoveling (starting at $55/laborer per labor hour, with a 1-hour minimum) and snow plowing (starting at $90/hour), for homes, businesses, community HOAs and more. 

Call me (303-808-7706) or email me ( this week or next and we’ll customize your snow removal plan for you at no charge so you can enjoy a stress free snow season!






Britni Jenson, newest board member will be tackling the rest of 2019 TBBA events with Niya.

Fall Fest/ Trick or Treat Street will be Sat Oct 26th, Details TBD.

Small Business Saturday/Tree Lighting Event Nov. 30th, details TBD.

Please contact if you are interested in helping the planning committee!


First Fridays are generally top days as reported for those in attendance and Real Baby shares that staying open late was a great decision!


More info here.


Regis Ranger program is live and the marketing material looks awesome! Jeff is aiming to drop off the books and stickers to participants asap. If you missed this awesome, free opportunity, reach out to Jeff.


Looking for new board members to join us and help kick iff 2020 with fresh blood and lots of energy! Reach out to if interested. You do not need to be a property owner, just a business owner and supporting TBBA member in the district, all are welcome to inquire! Hoping to keep the heath and energy going forward next year after Kat Furr andf Niya Gingerich step down from the board. (We do need to have an acting President and VP to replace them in order to fulfill the Bylaws of the Not for Profit)


Discussed exclusive member email list versus all inclusive (members and non members), meeting attendees favored the member only list and perks. Non-members are always welcome to join our momentum but wont be listed on official marketing material.


Discussed how to get more businesses to join- Talk to your neighbors! Currently we have 65 paid members.




  1. If you detect an irrigation leak, TAKE A PHOTO and email photo to me asap; the irrigation contractor will not respond without a photo of the leak and an address. This will save the district a lot of time and money.

  2. Under no circumstances is any maintenance contractor working for the Tennyson Local Maintenance District permitted to dump trash bags from Tennyson trash receptacles into your dumpsters in the alley or neighborhood. All trash from the street is to be disposed of off site either at the dump or in the contractor’s own dumpsters. The trash from the street is our responsibility not yours. If someone tells you they are dumping district trash for the district or have the district’s permission to use your – or any - dumpster, they do not.

  3. We are having all trees pruned on Tennyson between 38th and 39th, as well as trees on 39th back to alley. This should have been done in June along w/ the other trees on other blocks. I heard today there is an inspector from the city out on the street. If they approach you, tell them you are in a district.

  4. We are currently negotiating w/ a maintenance contractor to have all trash emptied Monday mornings, midweek and early Saturday mornings. This should alleviate problems with accumulated trash on Saturday mornings after 1st Fridays.

  5. As always, let us know of any problems or issues.


JUNE 19th, 2019 MEETING



Berkeley Yoga Fest happening this Friday! 42nd-44th on Tennyson will be closed off, so plan accordingly. There will be 3 yoga classes taking place throughout  the day in a ticketed space. The vendor village and beer garden will be open to the public. The Empourium Brewing Co. will be the featured beer vendor and The Family Jones Spirit House will be the featured spirits vendor. The beer garden proceeds are a fundraiser for the TBBA so spread the word! They are estimating this event will bring about 1500 attendees and 500 yoga participators.


We are thinking it might be a great idea to create a list of businesses in the area and to see if Airbnb hosts would like to highlight the list in their rentals.

Regis University is also creating a coupon book to highlight local businesses that offer deals/discounts to Regis students. Jeff from Regis sent out an email this morning so please make sure to fill out the form and to participate, as it is a great marketing opportunity.


We know that October is 4 months away still but we are already thinking about the Tennyson Fall Fest! This year we are looking for someone to take over the Fall Fest planning. Niya would like to pass the baton to someone who could dedicate a bit more time to planning this event. Planning would include calling out to vendors, coordination of vendors and setting up/running the TBBA tent the day of at the park. This year’s event will take place on Oct. 26th. Please let us know if you are interested in taking the lead for this event!


First Fridays have been going well, if you need a FF poster or postcards Jolly Goods has some that you can pick up. Also, if anyone is wanting balloons to set outside (like the ones we offered in May) Jolly Goods has them…you can take them to Safeway to have them filled. FYI-Due to the world helium shortage they are close to $2 per balloon to fill though.

We are expecting July’s FF to be a bit slower due to it taking place the day after the 4th, but most businesses will remain open with extended hours. Real Baby has noticed an increased amount of traffic in their store when they stayed open until at least 8pm.


Next month we are not having a meeting, but having a TBBA Member Social at The Empourium Brewing Co located at 4365 42nd (corner of 42nd & Tennyson.) A FREE drink will be provided by the TBBA. The social will take place July 17th from 6-8pm. All business owners and staff are invited.



MAY 15th, 2019 MEETING


Milo from BRUN
Looking to set up a working Task Force with the Business community. Talk about development, zoning issues, construction concerns and the future of our neighborhood. If interested please email Meetings are 2nd Tues at 6pm at the ReMax office.

Jeff Lawhead from Denver Foundation/Regis
Looking to activate Regis Square. Interested in connecting with TBBA members to work towards future of STRONG small business community. Jeff Lawhead:

Alyssa from Ohana and Berkeley Yoga Fest!
Update on Event. Looking for a way to get involved and maximize your visibility to thousands of folks on June 21 st ? Reach out to She is generously allowing TBBA to run the beer garden space and have all profits from alcohol sales go directly to the TBBA!


Business Updates - Street Updates
Smiley Branch to close for renovations for a couple months. Toy Library looking for new space possibly.


MARCH 20th, 2019 MEETING


Membership Details/

Paid members as one of the benefits of being a paid member you get a "Premier Listing" on the Explore Tennyson website. This includes your logo, a blurb about your business as well as address, phone and link to your website. If you need to update or change anything please see the welcome email after you paid for the password.


Please upload your events! Having a sale, doing something for First Friday's, let us know! This website is looked at by consumers and community members and tourists and so the more populated with events on the calendar the better!


Do you offer deals to local community members or other local business owners, let us know that as well!


Any questions or updated pictures can be sent to

Street Maintenance & Construction:

Lights on trees- will be up for at least the next three years, all year around. 


There will be A LOT more construction going on on Tennyson for at least the next three years. The buildings of the former Mammoth Tattoo, Spruce (old building not current) and Second Start to the Right will all be demolished in the next few months.....more housing. The 42nd & 43rd blocks of Tennyson are seeing lots of construction and this will effect the streets and parking around there until at least August. The ReMax building at 39th will also be demolished in the next year and condos with office spaces on the ground floor will be built, this will effect 39th St. and alleys. There are also a few larger properties near 43rd and 46th up for sale that we are not sure what will happen to.


If you are seeing anything else that needs maintenance please contact Leah (39th-41st blocks) or Heather (42nd-44th blocks) for anything related to: trash removal, maintenance of planter beds, ground litter, bulbs of the tree lights out/not working as well as loose cords from the lights. They know the appropriate contractors in which to contact.   |

Easter Egg Hunt at Berkeley Park:

Saturday, April 20th

There will be time slots based on ages of the kids with the first at 10am sharp!

The TBBA will be putting together 250 goodie bags to give to adults at the event. If you would like supply coupons or other goodies for the bags please drop off everything to Jolly Goods by Wednesday April 17th.

First Fridays:

This is the 21st year of Tennyson Cultural District!

The TBBA has came together and decided to do a branded relaunch of the Culture Walk on First Fridays! New branded posters, postcards and social media posts coming soon! The First Friday relaunch kickoff will be for May's First Friday and we will really be pushing First Fridays from May-October. We chose these months to promote due to weather being (usually) nicer and more people tend to participate.

  1. Have an artist, set up music., have a trunk show...or just set up chalk out front if you can!  The more people who participate in some way the better! Feral usually has films that they show, Lapis Gallery has an artist out front doing live demonstrations, Jolly Goods will have a face painter.  And worse case just 
    BE OPEN! We cannot stress this enough. We ask everyone to try to stay open later than normal business hours for First Fridays. As a whole I think a lot of us are missing out on potential sales especially from the after dinner crowd! We have heard from several businesses that they tend to see a lull between 7-8 and then get super busy. 
    In the past First Fridays are usually the best  sales day of the month for a business on Tennyson St.

TBBA Facebook Group:

All business meeting and socials will be posted through the Closed TBBA Facebook Group, if you are not a member yet please request to join

Berkeley Yoga Fest:

Friday, June 21st

The street 42nd-44th on Tennyson will be closed down for the festival.

Beer Garden: will be set up at 43nd/Tennyson by Atomic Cowboy, if you are a bar or brewery interested in helping sponsor the Beer Garden with the TBBA, let us know!

Vendor Village: For a nominal fee you could set up a booth. A tent, tables ect.. will all be provided. You would need to just bring your merch/displays. More details coming soon about price.

Business Updates:

Inspyre Boutique - First Friday April 5th, Billabong  $40 Swimsuit Sale, with drinks and a food truck!


Feral - Now buying and selling used outdoor gear. Will be showing the film The Mountain Life for their May First Friday Film Series.


Local 46 -  Some fun summer plans in store! The event space out back is available for private and public events and they would love to partner with local fitness businesses to do events like Yoga & for more info


Koelbel Homes - would love to partner with businesses. They are looking for businesses to set up a table at. They will provide Susan at 850-777-7455 for more details.


Future Drawn/ Tennyson Art Galleries Group - They are a group of Tennyson St artists and Gallery owners who meet every Wednesday after First Fridays. They are a great source for finding artists for First Fridays. 


Walk Denver demonstration taking place April 6th from noon-4pm at 50th & Federal  in efforts to make the Federal corridor safer for pedestrians. Currently it is one of the most dangerous areas for pedestrians as far as street traffic.


Empourium Brewing - will be opening Friday March 29th with a soft open the 27th & 28th. Their  Grand Opening event will happen in April.


Drive Train Fitness - New signs are coming! 

They are no longer participating in Class Pass as it did not fit their business, but they do still offer a 20% discount to all teachers. They will be doing demo's on their techniques on First Fridays.

No meeting in April, but the TBBA Social will be held instead on Wednesday, April 17th from 6-8pm at Barbed Wire Reef First drink and appetizers will be provided. We hope to see everyone there!


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